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Are You A Part Of Future Of Automotive Lubes Yet?

Raj Petro Specialities Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading players in the Petroleum Specialities and Lubricants space, with more than 7 decades of business experience in India and abroad having an annual turnover of approx 240 million USD. Having 3 manufacturing plants and supported with in-house state of the art R&D centres the company has launched a wide range of Automotive Lubricants under the Brand name – ZOOMOL.

To promote the ZOOMOL range of Future Ready Engine Oils and Greases we are looking for Authorised Distributors in various Location PAN India. The company offers

  • Excellent Growth Prospects
  • High Profit Margin
  • Transparent Business Dealings

Our Requirement –

  • Your Self Involvement in Business
  • Good Financial status
  • Decent office setup with computer
  • Sufficient Space for maintaining Stock
  • Field Sales Person and Delivery van

If you fulfil the above requirement and are READY to be a Part of a FUTURISTIC Brand of Automotive Lubricants and have the URGE to Grow with us, please send in your details in the attached format.

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